Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ReadyBoost - Using Your USB Key to Speed Up Windows 7

One very cool feature of Windows 7 – especially for machines not natively equipped with the kind of horsepower to fully enjoy the rich visuals of Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) applications is ReadyBoost. ReadyBoost enables you to plug a USB key into your machine and have Windows 7 use it as memory. I actually used this myself, and had heard of it yesterday. When a reader emailed me asking if this was an urban legend, I decided to check it out for myself and was very impressed with how easy and seamless the process is.

Installing/Configuring the USB Mass Storage as Memory(RAM)

First I took a standard USB 2.0 key (I’ll list the prerequisites shortly) and plugged it into my machine. I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate. Upon plugging the USB key into my computer, I was greeted with the standard "AutoPlay" dialog box asking how I wanted to the operating system to treat the USB key. 

>First Of All Format The Pendrive with exFAT or NTFS Option


>Now Go to My Computer ,right click on the USB Drive or SD (secure digital) memory card and select Properties
>Then select ReadyBoost & Click on Use this device 
>Then increase the "Space to reserve for system speed"
>Now click on Apply and then OK,

That's It !
Enjoy the new high speed of your
System ...

Things to Know About ReadyBoost :-

If you have a USB key configured to use ReadyBoost and then insert a second key, Windows 7 will display the Properties dialog box where you’ll see the message on the Memory tab .    
While ReadyBoost will work with other devices – such as SD Card, CompactFlash, etc. – I’ve only used it with a USB key and here are the baseline requirements the team gave me regarding what ReadyBoost will work with: 

  • The USB Key must be at least USB 2.0
  • The USB Key has to have at least 64mb of free space 

Update: Due to so many questions about this feature, I've tracked down the Program Manager (owner) of this feature - Matt Ayers. Matt has put together a complete ReadyBoost FAQ for everyone that I've posted in a separate blog entry. Therefore, feel free to make comments here.


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Thank you so much !

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Once we configure the External device(Pen Drive) then It is possible to use that device again as Pen drive or External Device Or Not?

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