Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Are you a web developer or a newbie in web who wants to experiment your newly created website or a prototype and test it locally. If yes then Internet Information Service (IIS) comes to the rescue. Just like Apache, IIS would host the website for you on your computer for free without any hassle which you can access from anywhere on the internet. Follow the steps below to host your own website...

Step 1: First you have to publish your website, for that click on Build on the top menu and then click on Publish Web Site.

Step 2: Following window would open up, just click on the browse button adjacent to the address text box and set the location as given in the following screenshots.

Step 3: If there are no errors in the code and publishing is successful then output box would show something like this.

Step 4: Now your website is published, you now need to setup a web server to host it, here we’d be using Microsoft’s Internet Information Service (IIS).

Step 5: Open IIS manager and  on the left side-bar expand the tree and right-click on the Sites and then click on Add Website….

Step 6: Now give your website a name and enter the path where you published it.

Step 7: If successful the website would appear in the tree on left side-bar as shown below
Step 8: Now make sure to stop the Default Web Site or any other website which is on the same port, here our ’Hello World’ web app is at port 80.
There are two ways of doing it, either right-click on Default Web Site and via Manage Web Site submenu click on Stop, or select Default Web Site and click on Stop in the right side-bar, as shows in the screenshot.
Step 9: Now click on Edit Permissions… as the access to your website would be prohibited on default. For that first make sure Hello World website is selected from the side-bar and then click on Edit Permissions on the right side-bar.

Step 10: Go to Security tab and click on Edit button

Step 11: Now click on Add to allow more users to access this website

Step 12: Now Click on Advanced
Step 13:Now click on Find Now button and search and select Everyone and press the OK button as here in this tutorial we’d be giving access to everyone who tries to access this webpage.

Step 14: Make sure Hello World website is selected on the left side-bar and click on Start in the right side bar as shown below.
(If successfully started then the Start button would be greyed and disabled)
Step 15: Now click on Browse *.80 (http) buttons on the right side-bar.

If everything goes well you’d be seeing your website running. And now your website has been successfully hosted on your computer, and that your computer is working as a web server for your website.

To view it anytime on the computer where you have hosted it just login to http://localhost/ (Or if you have internet connectivity then just login to http://yourIPAddress/).
That's it...cheers.........


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