Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I developed it using dotnet(C#) and it has a nice look n feel & a very attractive user friendly interface.
To send free sms from this application you need two things
First is - an active internet connection
Second is - YouMint user id & password (if you don't have juss signup here)
Now you are ready to send free sms directly from your desktop . . .

Advantage : -

  • No adds as in youmint website
  • Instant delivery (within 5 seconds)
  • Send sms Quickly
  • Auto-sms functionality (juss click on Auto sms button to send sms after every 12 seconds to irritate your friends ;-)
  • Sms history (You can delete)
  • Group Sms (Comma separate)
  • Contact Management (Save contacts with names)
  • Import Numbers from Excel (Just copy from excel file and paste in textbox. All mobile numbers will automatically comma separate)

If anyone wants the YouMint api code feel free to contact me : Krishan Gahlot


Anonymous said...

Very nice post...

Anonymous said...

can you please send source code to ??

Anonymous said...

can you please send source code to

Anonymous said...

Sir, can u please send the source code to
Thank you in advance ^_^

Sagar Bhakari said...

i also wanted the api to send sms to registered cutsomer help me plz

Ajay Mehta said...

please send me the api on

Anonymous said...

HI Sir,
Can you please send me this code @ ?

Renukadevi said...

pls send me source code to

Mohammad Danish said...

sir can u plzz send me source code at

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